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12 affordable nail salons in Singapore that offer stellar mani pedis.


Most of us know how to paint our nails at home, but once in a while, it’s nice to pay someone to help us do a better job. Manicures and pedicures used to be a lot more expensive, but with nail salons popping up at every corner of Singapore, prices have become a lot more competitive than before, and no one’s complaining.

If you have a special event coming up, or simply want to get your nails professionally painted for cheap, here are 12 affordable nail salons in Singapore:

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Note: Prices stated are for express manicures and pedicures. Express services typically include shaping and polishing only. If you want your cuticles trimmed, you’ll need to go for the full works and get a classic manicure service (usually around $25 to $30+).

1. Nailush Spa – manicures from $8

Unlike the rest in this list, Nailush is actually home-based (Punggol). Since the rise of Instagram and beauty service booking apps, home salons are a dime a dozen. But while generally more affordable than heading to a salon at the mall, most home salons don’t do express mani-pedis because they’re so cheap and quick.

Nailush Spa does express OPI manicures at $8, and pedicures at $12 (no hard skin removal). If you want a classic (so adding on the clipping of cuticles), then it’s $15 and $18 respectively. For gel, prices start at $20 (express gel mani) and $25 (express gel pedi).

Aside from nail services, Nailush Spa has a whole suite of pampering treatments like eyelash extensions (from $48) to waxing (from $13).

2. Shugar Spa – manicures at $10

For a nail salon at a mall, Shugar Spa is really cheap. It’s a full spa with facials and other treatments as well. There’s only one outlet though, and it’s all the way in the ulu land of Punggol, at Waterway Point. The express mani and pedi are $10 and $15 respectively, which would be cheap even for neighbourhood salons in the heartlands. Classic services are $22 (mani) & $33 (pedi). If you want to do gelish, just top up $35. It’s a full spa with facials and other treatments as well.

3. Nail Artelier – manicure from $12

I’m not suggesting you sneak out for a quick mani-pedi during lunch, but it is pretty useful to know an affordable nail salon in the CBD area. Nail Artelier has two outlets – one at North Bridge Road, and one at Jalan Masjid (Kembangan). The express services are cheap, at $12 (manicure) & $18 (pedicure). Compared to the rest in this list, their pedicures are a tad more expensive. Without any promos, their gel services are quite pricey too. They don’t do express gel services – it’s $60 regardless of classic gel mani or pedi.

4. The Nail Status – manicures at $12

The Nail Status is one of the more affordable mall chains, with their express prices starting at just $12 (mani) & $15 (pedi). Classic manicures are $24 and classic pedicures are $36. Classic pedis usually cost quite a bit more because the service includes buffing gross dead skin off your feet.

The Nail Status serves male customers too, so if your partner wants to spruce up their hands (or feet) too, this is a great option. The prices for men are slightly more expensive though ($4 to $5 for most services). There are three outlets at Far East Plaza, Seletar Mall & Wisteria Mall.

5. Nailz Treats – manicures at $15

Located in several neighbourhood malls, Nailz Treats offers a whole suite of mani-pedi services, including cuticle care and nail enhancement. An express manicure and pedicure are $15 and $20 respectively. You can also pamper yourself with their award-winning Classic Manicure & Pedicure. Besides nail services, they also offer brow embroidery, lash extension, waxing and even makeup services to get you primped and ready for your next party.

6. Nail Queen – manicures at $12

Nail Queen is located at Far East Plaza, which used to be cool, but is now quite a ghetto mall with lots of beauty salons, mobile phone shops and random overpriced clothes. They charge $12 for express manis and $15 for express pedis, which is average for the mall. The good thing about them is that they specify that they use OPI polish which are premium and salon-grade, instead of cheap China-brand stuff that could really stain and/or damage for your nails. Their express gelish manicures are perhaps the cheapest and most value-for-money – it’s only $30.

7. Nail Palace

With 19 outlets all around the island, Nail Palace is one of the most prolific nail salon chains here. Achieve beautifully-groomed nails with their express manicure (includes shaping, buffing and colour) which starts from $16.05, while an express pedicure is a little bit more at $21.40. They also perform hand and foot treatments, as well as hair removal services.

8. Princess Cottage – manicures at $12

Like the few above, Princess Cottage’s express services start at $12 for express manicures and $16 for express pedicures. For all services, they have five- and 10-time bundles, which will give you 15 per cent and 25 per cent discounts respectively. The packages also come with free IBX or Footlogix treatments and nail art credits (for 10-time package).

Princess Cottage are also the sole distributor of Shinygel of IBX, which are semi-professional manicure products for home use.

9. Jewel Nails – has a polish-only option that’s only $10

Jewel Nails has two outlets, one at Marina Bay and the other at Downtown MRT station. Their prices are really affordable, and is great for the busy bees who need a quick service. The express services are $13 (mani) & $15 (pedi), but that’s not even the cheapest option. If you’re fine with your nail shape and cuticles, then just opt for a polish-only job – that’s only $10 for your hands (or $12 for feet).

Nail art is +$5 per nail, which is quite expensive (other places usually charge $2 to $3), but to add a full set of French manicure tips, it’s only $5. Jewel Nails also has a spa and waxing parlour as well, and prices seem equally reasonable. Upper lip threading is just $5, and you can get a bikini wax for just $20.

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10. Peony Blush – polish-only manicure from $5

It’s not always convenient to travel to ulu places like Punggol or explore a heartland district you don’t actually live at (like Tampines). Sometimes, all you want is a salon downtown. Peony Blush is located at SCAPE, which is within walking distance of Somerset MRT. Like Jewel Nails, Peony Blush does polish-only at an even more attractive price ($5 for manicure or pedicure).

The express mani and pedi are the same price ($15), but if you get both, you get a neat $5 off ($25 for express mani pedi). It’s surprisingly affordable for a salon in the heart of Orchard Road, so it’s definitely worth a visit. Peony Blush does spa treatments, waxing, and eyelash services as well.

11. M’Pir (The Nail Empire) – $15 for either express mani or pedi

Pronounced “empire”,  M’Pir has reasonable prices, especially for a swanky nail bar at Tangs Orchard. For polish-only ($10) and express services ($15), prices are the same for hands and feet. That’s extra worth it because as mentioned above, pedicures usually cost more. The full services are more expensive though. The gel mani is $65, and the gel pedi is even “scarier” at $80. Also, they charge $3 for removing polish (if you have an existing colour on).

12. Summer Nail Salon – express manicure at $15

Summer Nail Salon is located at Centrepoint, so it’s generally expensive (the full services at least), but if you opt for the “quick and nice” express services, it’s quite cheap. Polish-only is $10 for hands and $15 for feet. Express mani is $15 for mani and $20 for pedi, which although expensive compared to the rest on this list, is reasonable for Orchard. It’s also a very nice and fancy-looking salon, so if you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for ambience, you can Summer Nail Salon.


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